08 July 2012

Feedback and a Song

In order to become a successful travel writer, there are things I will need to know.  For example, what am I doing that works?  What's driving you crazy?  Is my writing style too formal/informal?  Could things be more clear?  Is there too much detail?  Is the detail in the right place, or do you find me talking too much about meaningless things?

The more data I can get, the better I can make this, and the closer I can come to achieving this crazy little pipe dream of mine.

I leave you with a song recommended to me by a waitress at a coffee shop in Managua that I'm currently obsessed with:

The song is called "Arroyito" (meaning "little creek") and it's from a Colombian artist called Fonseca.  He's singing about this person who's left him and, because they're gone, he no longer feels light in his soul and everything is terrible.  He only wants this person to return so that they can accompany him for life.  
Obviously I had the internet help me translate that as my Spanish isn't quite that good.  Yet.

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